Address to send your samples

You will receive a registration confirmation and your COMPETITOR NUMBER by email.

Please send your samples in Europe as soon as possible (within the next 10 days) to:

America Awards
27 rue Blomet
75015 Paris

Phone (for transport company only): 06 66 38 74 12


– Please send only 1 sample (bottle/box) per registered product

– Please note your COMPETITOR NUMBER on your samples parcels or on a paper sheet in your Samples Parcels.

– Please add the mention ‘SAMPLES – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE’ on your invoice with Value Price = 0 $ (For customs needs)

– Please try NOT to use ‘DHL’ or ‘FEDEX’ transport companies: choose national or other postal companies instead. (easier with customs controls)

For any other questions, please contact Joanna at:

Thank you for your trust in America Awards and good luck!

PS: We are organizing new B-to-B Exclusive Trade Fairs from 2023 in more than 30 major cities worldwide. If you would like to be notified first when bookings open, please fill in the form below: (Places are limited to 100 exhibitors per show)

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