Interview with Baumkuchen Farm : Wonderful cakes made with fresh and local ingredients

Baumkuchen Farm - America Newspaper

Baumkuchenfarm is located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Baumkuchen is a German word that is translated as “tree cake”. The cake was invented years ago in Germany and baked on a stick while turning. It looks like a tree stump because of its rings when it is cut. Baumkuchen is also called “the king of cakes” since it is not easy to bake it.

In the interview shared below, we gain insights into the company’s products with a fresh perspective on the values and qualities producer is looking for in the production journey.

Q. Describe Your new product?

A. Baumkuchen is a cake baked on a stick layer after layer. Because of that, the cake, when cut, looks like a tree stump, where you can see all the layers again. It is round with a hole (because of the stick) and Baumkuchen Farm is the only bakery in the US baking the soft and moist Baumkuchen.

Q. What has inspired this product?

A. Our Baumkuchen is inspired by Hawaiian ingredients like Macadamia Nut, Coffee, Pineapple, Mango and is a fusion between German – Japanese – Hawaiian food culture.

Q. Who is the customer of Your new product?

A. Anybody who loves delicious pastry.

Q. What do customers say about Your new product?

A. They love the soft and moist taste. That the cake is delicate and not so sweet. And that is very pretty and has a very unique story. There are many people who know Baumkuchen from Japan and are really big fans of Baumkuchen. They are glad, that there is now a Hawaiian Baumkuchen bakery.

The company has recently been awarded Four times in America Food Awards competition:

Macadamia Nut Baumkuchen

Awarded Gold by America Newspaper

Pineapple Baumkuchen

Awarded Gold by America Newspaper

Mango Baumkuchen

Awarded Gold by America Newspaper

Hawaiian Baumkuchen

Awarded Silver by America Newspaper

Company Details :

Baumkuchen Farm

27-714 Kaieie Road
Papaikou, HI 96781

Phone Number : +1 808 491 5032

Email :

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