MASIA CAN VIVER: Gives A Unique Experience For The Senses

Masia Can Viver at America Newspaper

Masia Can Viver is a family-owned farmhouse in the middle of nature, not close to Barcelona. The house has been owned by the Viver family since the XII century, in a traditional, cozy, Mediterranean setting. In 2006, the family started to rebuild and renovate the farmhouse as well as the agrarian exploitation. In 2016, they started selling their first premium olive oil.

Rosa María Pérez de Viver and her family.

The family believes that ‘excellence is achieved when dedication and effort are joined with passion’. And because of their passion for EVOO from the care of the olive trees to the obtainment of the extra virgin oil, it’s no wonder why their products are receiving awards from different competitions.

Masia Can Viver has recently joined America Awards 2020 and has received a Gold and Silver awards for their extra virgin olive oils Vera del Valles and Arbequina.

Has received a Gold Award in America Awards 2020, awarded by

Vera del Valles has a medium fruitiness that evokes green grass, tomato branch, mint, unripened almond shell and a hint of apple. In our mouth, it has a strong character, slightly astringent, intensely bitter, and a surprising spiciness that lasts in intensity.

Arbequina receives a Silver a in America Awards 2020, awarded by America Newspaper.
Has received a Silver Award in America Awards 2020, awarded by

Arbequina has a medium fruitiness that evokes green grass, artichoke, unripened almond shell and tomato branch. In our mouth it has a shy and reserved character with a little bit of sweetness and the beginning, offering bitterness in the middle and later intensifying spiciness that then disappears slowly and smoothly.

The Extra virgin olive oils of Masia Can Viver are limited editions that come from the harvests of their small crops where they seek excellence and quality throughout the process which gives their oil with exceptional taste.

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