Lesvos Gold: Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lesvos Gold at America Newspaper

Lesvos Gold Olive Oil is produced in Greece on the island of Lesbos, by Greek Cooperative Olive Oil SA. It is characterized by the European Union as a high-quality extra virgin greek PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) olive oil, distinguished not only by its purity and intense and fruity aroma but also by its pungent taste and rich, smooth texture and cannot be replicated almost anywhere.

The family olive grove of the Greek Cooperative Olive Oil splendor meets exclusivity, supremacy marries with farmers’ dedication, traditional blends with cutting-edge technologies. Certified bottling procedures, modern infrastructure, well-skilled, passionate people, strict quality controls, and product safety criteria and procedures; to achieve perfection and ensure uniqueness.

The company has recently joined America Food Awards 2021 and has received a Gold Award for their Lesvos Gold Premium PGI, awarded by America-Newspaper.com.

Lesvos Gold Premium PGI at America Food Awards 2021

Lesvos Gold Premium PGI

According to Constantinos Kolyvas, CEO of Greek Cooperative Olive Oil SA said, their exports back in 1929, his grandfather was exporting their island’s olive oil to France. The latest milestone they have achieved was the launch of their premium brand “Lesvos Gold” back in 2014. This was a starting point of continuous growth for their exports worldwide. Since then, the Lesvos Gold family became the flagship line of products being exported in more than 15 countries from Japan to the US (New York). Their 5-year export goal plan is first, to dominate the European and Asian markets, where their products have been a great success. And second is to enter and establish their brand in the United States and in England.

Right now, they export only a small quantity of their premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil condiments, and Balsamic Vinegar-Lesvos Gold – to a micro-distributor in New York. The company is already registered with the FDA and the processes are FDA-Complaint. They are looking to do business with distributors who value top-quality products, have entrepreneurial orientation, aim for continuous innovation across all their operation spectrum, and consist of experienced professionals who can deliver high value to the consumers.

If interested in Lesvos Gold, you may visit their website by clicking HERE.