Uber Eats is launching in Texas and California this fall as driverless food deliveries increase

Uber Eats is launching in Texas and California

In the latest move toward autonomous driving as more businesses begin to turn away from conventional vehicles, Uber Eats announced on Thursday that it has signed a 10-year agreement with autonomous vehicle startup Nuro to test driverless food deliveries in two locations in California and Texas.

This fall, Uber Eats intends to use its fleet of autonomous vehicles in Houston and Mountain View, California.

The announcement comes four months after Uber launched another pilot with Motional and Serve Robotics for autonomous vehicles and sidewalk delivery machines in Los Angeles, and more than a year after pizza chain Domino’s partnered with Nuro for “quick service” autonomous delivery vehicles, launching a pilot operation in Houston for customers who order online on certain days and in certain parts of the city.