BetterBrandTM, the “Grain-Changing” Food Tech Company, Makes a Retail Debut at Whole Foods Market with a Global Launch

BetterBrandTM, the

One year after making its online debut, food technology firm BetterBrandTM announces its global relationship with Whole Foods Market and hits the frozen shelves of 500+ Whole Foods Market shops.

BetterBrand uses its “Grain-Changing” technology to provide a world where customers can eat freely – without worrying about weight gain, adverse health effects, or compromise – by leading innovation in the refined carb industry. The company’s inaugural product, “The Better Bagel,” reduces the carb-heavy bagel to the net carb equivalent of two slices of banana while offering 25g+ of plant-based protein, no added sugar, and an ingredient list that is Non-GMO Certified and clean. The company wants to change how consumers now interact with food by implementing its patented methods and technologies across a variety of product categories.

Aimee Yang, the founder and CEO of BetterBrand, said that the company “addresses the pain-point around diet and healthy eating that I, and countless others I’ve known, have felt very deeply.” Yang previously set records as the first sole female founder to raise more than $1M in a venture-led, pre-seed round across the food tech, consumer, and food & beverage industries (via Crunchbase).

BetterBrand debuted with four SKUs of “The Better Bagel”: “The Classic,” “The Everything,” “The Cinnamon,” and a fourth flavor that has not yet been made public. It is located in the Frozen Bread area of Whole Foods Market. By the end of the year, we’ll be expanding the availability of a brand-new SKU of “The Better Bagel,” which you can find at Whole Foods Market. Yang described it as a pleasant surprise.