US skincare company Proven will debut in the EU and the UK

US skincare company Proven by America Newspaper

After launching in Canada in July 2021, Proven Skincare is planning its first international expansion into the EU and UK.

According to a press release, the decision to enter new markets was made in response to the growing demand for individualized skincare products worldwide and follows a period of “substantial” brand growth.

Proven has obtained a patent to protect its skincare solution between its founding in 2017 and its official launch in 2019, initially in the US, as well as “strong” startup funding from Social Capital.

The company uses big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to create the five items it presently sells, drawing on its proprietary Skin Genome Project, a database of beauty information, to help create the customized solutions.

Proven claimed that in preparation for entering the UK and EU, it had gathered regional environmental data and carried out a “massive tech build to incorporate it into Proven’s existing AI.”

Ming S. Zhao, co-founder and CEO of the company, stated: “Too many customers still rely on skincare solutions that are generic and do not address their particular needs and concerns. Proven offers individualized, flexible, and efficient skincare solutions that consider a person’s skin, life, and surroundings.

Proven’s cleaner, moisturizer, night cream, day cream, and night cream are now available to customers in the UK and EU. These products can each be bought independently or as part of collections.