Cretan Honey Fragiadakis: The Love and Mood for Honey

Cretan Honey Fragiadakis at America Newspaper

Cretan Honey Fragiadakis is owned by Costas Fragiadakis, who came from a small and historic village at the foot of the Psiloriti Vorizia. Beekeeping has been their family’s tradition for many decades. Their ancestors taught them to love and respect the bees for its contribution is priceless. From his childhood, he was taught the secrets in beekeeping and has decided to continue the family tradition with the support of his wife and children.

The factory and all of our facilities are manufactured according to the standards and regulations of the standard ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System). Moreover, they ensure proper hygienic conditions for all stages of production combined with high technology automatic machinery.

An experienced management team in collaboration with the skilled production staff and highly qualified technicians provide high-quality products and meet the demands of their customers daily inside and outside Greece, for guaranteed and firm quality.

Cretan Honey Fragiadakis has recently joined America Foods Awards 2020 and has received a Gold and Silver awards.

CRETAN QUEEN – ROYAL’S QUALITY HONEY has received a Gold award, awarded by
ALFA HONEY has received a Silver Award in America Foods Awards 2020, awarded by

The whole family’s vision is to promote the Cretan honey and products from the hive to consumers in Greece and abroad.

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