AQUA Carpatica: Nature’s Finest Water

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Choosing wisely when it comes to hydration has become important nowadays when we have come to treasure health. Not man-made, purified, or enhanced, AQUA Carpatica is all-natural, naturally nitrate and sodium-free, and sourced from the earth.

AQUA Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water stands out as the purest natural mineral water, the only naturally nitrate-free water on earth; the first of its kind in the USA. Nitrates are heavy oxidants that can be harmful to health and can be found in most bottled water on the market. Nitrates have been linked to problems such as high blood pressure, thyroid, and circulation problems and studies have found that they can also increase the risk of cancer. Babies, especially under 6 months can become seriously ill if exposed to nitrate levels above 2.27 mg/L.

No ordinary mineral water, AQUA Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water is sourced from the picturesque Carpathian Mountains, an area untouched by civilization and rich in wildlife. This stunning mountain range is surrounded by the largest virgin forests in Europe which host more than 60% of Europe’s natural spring-it’s the finest possible natural source of water on the planet. With no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, AQUA Carpatica’s source is protected from chemicals, fertilizers, and other contaminants providing consumers with a transparent label.

AQUA Carpatica has joined America Food Awards 2021 and has received a Gold Award and a Silver Award, awarded by


AQUA Capartica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water at America Food Awards 2021

AQUA Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water


AQUA Carpatica Natural Spring Water

The sparkling natural mineral water deposit is the outcome of a complex hydro-geological process. The natural hydro-geological journey that the water takes as it filters underground through the mountain’s rock strata takes up to 40 years before it finally springs from its natural source. The blending of the meteoric water and the CO2 takes place at a great depth in the volcanic andesite rocks of over 10 million years. This epic geological journey is responsible for imparting an equally epic taste.

Millions of years of volcanic activity naturally carbonate the water (no artificial CO2 is added) and enrich it with electrolytes. Every liter provides Potassium, nearly 24 percent of an adult’s recommended daily requirement of Calcium and 21% of Magnesium.

Head back to nature with AQUA Carpatica, natural mineral water that will nourish you from the inside out. Visit for more information.