Meligyris Crete: Honeys With Unique Organoleptic Characteristics From Wild Herbs of Crete

Meligyris Crete at America Newspaper

Manolis Stefanakis owner of Meligyris Crete has been following the beekeeping tradition of his family since 1920 and established the apiary “Meligyris” which engages in the production of rare types of honey from wild herbs of the Cretan land.

Today, their team combines scientific knowledge with the family tradition to offer a range of exclusive kinds of honey. In order to guarantee the high quality of their products, production and packaging are certified by TUV NORD for compliance with the food safety practices IFS (International Food Standard) and certificate F.D.A.

The company’s philosophy consists of producing and packaging honey of high nutritional value. Their honey bears unique organoleptic characteristics, which are directly connected to the special terroir and the exceptional flora of Crete. Honey is carefully harvested and packaged to retain all their natural characteristics and nutritional benefits.

Meligyris has joined the first session of America Food & Beverage Awards 2020 and won awards for their products:

Greek Honey Cretan Mountain Tea ( Malotira ) & Wild Thyme


MELIGYRIS MOUNTAIN HONEY MALOTIRA & THYME has won a Gold Award in America Awards 2020, awarded by America-Newspaper.Com

Honey with particular organoleptic and biochemical characteristics. Wild herb Malotira thrives in the White Mountains and in Psiloritis at an altitude of 800-2000 meters. It is a plant with particular medicinal properties and very popular in the local area since the Minoan period.

Greek Honey Wild Oregano & Mint


MELIGYRIS MOUNTAIN HONEY OREGANO & MINT has won a Silver Award in America Awards 2020, awarded by America-Newspaper.Com

Fragrance and taste of mountain Greek honey from inaccessible mountain peaks where these rare herbs thrive for thousands of years.

Meligyris honey comes from rare medicinal herbs of Crete, known in from Minoan times for their beneficial properties in the human body. It is also unfiltered and untreated.

They started exporting honey in 2005. The plan is for the consumer to get to know varieties of honey-like Meligyris’, which apart from extraordinary tasting experience they offer, have great benefits for the body. It is an integral part of the Cretan diet.

Meligyris honey is available in the North American market and it can be purchased through the Kolonaki Group website. You can also visit Meligyris Crete’s website to check their other products.