Olivenöl Cottone: Olive Oil Comes from Biancollila Variety Only

Olivenöl Cottone at America Newspaper

Olivenöl Cottone is family own business in Sicily and has been cultivating and selling olives, oranges and almonds since 1965. From this experience and tradition comes the unique and first-class olive oil from Sicily. The family business had around 6 hectares with a stock of 700 olive trees, which were provided with new olive trees in 1980.

In 2011, they offered olive oil for the first time in Germany. They were surprised by the great demand for their premium olive oil. They bought a 6-hectare property with 1000 trees in Caltabellott to secure their future growth and can meet the great demand in the future.

They only cultivate the Biancolilla variety because its quality and quantity are particularly well suited for the production of high-quality olive oil. It is harvested by hand so that the olives are carefully harvested without injuring them. This method is very sensitive because of the harvest time which must be determined precisely. The branches and leaves are also separated by hand. They don’t fertilize or spray.

Their olive oil with its rich fruity aroma can be used in many ways in modern Mediterranean cuisine and can also be enjoyed with salads, various types of vegetables, fish or meat and much more.

They have joined America Awards 2020 and was awarded Gold by America Newspaper.

Olio Cottone was awarded Gold by America Newspaper.

The harvested olives are transported in boxes and not in bags so that olives can breathe and are not injured or crushed. They always make sure to provide high quality and perfect olives. The olives are mechanically and gently cold-pressed in mills within 24 hours using traditional methods so that we get a very good olive oil.

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