Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea: Picks The Finest Tea For You

Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea at America Newspaper

Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea contributes to developing the upstream of Beishi River in Pinglin into a drainage basin without agrichemicals. Working with 14 of tea growers together, they focus on three tributaries of Beishi River, including Shang De, Da Cu Keng, and Yu Guang Rivers.

Through the recovery of the drainage basin, there will be more and more tea farms becoming eco-friendly farms; on the other hand, tea farmers will become the guardians of the Satoyama. And the catchment areas without agrichemicals will be home to ecology.

Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea has recently joined the first session of America Food and Beverage Awards 2020 and has won a Gold Award for their product Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf-HSIEH, CHIN-TU, awarded by America-Newspaper.Com.

Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf - HSIEH, CHIN-TU at America Newspaper

Wenshan Paochong Tea Leaf – HSIEH, CHIN-TU has won a GOLD Award in America Awards 2020, awarded by America-Newspaper.Com.

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