Orzax: Gift to Health

Orzax at America Newspaper

Orzaks İlaç is based in Istanbul, Turkey and was established in 2004 to operate in the health field with together pharmacists, physicians, and investors. The first products which were produced with the vocationally knowledge and experience from years moved to the market in 2005. These products have been followed by innovative and pioneer products.

Over the years, Orzaks İlaç has expanded its portfolio and market share and reached over 100 product types. They are working with the consciousness and responsibility of offering their products for the protection of human health to the end consumer. In October 2012, they established their own factory to meet their increasing sales volüme (NUVITA).

Orzaks has reached its target in the Turkish Market but their products have not presented in the USA yet. Their next target is “Opening the Global Market” and of course the USA market is one of their target markets. They are currently looking for wholesaler, store chain such as CVS, etc.

Their products are presenting in Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Kosovo, Republic of Moldova and Lebanon. They are going to begin also in Qatar and Jordan soon. Their main plan is “Become a worldwide known company”.

Their Ocean Fish Oil Syrups offer high omega 3 support. It does not contain chemical preservatives, additives, sugar, sweeteners, gluten, colorants, and artificial flavors. It is obtained from small fish living in cold seas. The reason they prefer small fish is that large fish are exposed to heavy metals and harmful substances more because they live longer in the seas. They get the fish body fat. Therefore, it does not contain vitamins A and D. Suitable for use in summer and winter.

The quality of Ocean Fish Oils is tested by IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), an independent organization. It was analyzed according to the limit values set by The Nutrition Council (CRN), World Health Organization (WHO), the Global EPA and DHA Organization (GOED), and the product quality is certified with 5 stars. In addition, “Ocean Fish Oils, which are very popular with their delicious taste, have superior taste award from International Taste Institute (ITQI).

Just this year, they have joined the first session of America Awards 2020 and here are their products that won an award:
Ocean Fish Oil Syrup – Orange 150ML
Ocean Fish Oil Syrup – Lemon 150ML
Ocean Fish Oil Syrup – Tutti Frutti Flavored 150ML
Ocean Multi Syrup – Orange 150ML

Imunol – Honeyed & Strawberry Flavored 150ML
Ocean Propolis – Honeyed – Eucalyptus Flavored 20ML

They are taking steady steps to contribute more and more to the health of more people with innovative products. They work hard to become an international player by combining their goals with their sustainable marketing activities.

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