Spice Chai: A Refreshing Spice Tea

Spice Chai at America Newspaper

Lochan Tea, Japan usually has a Garden Fresh single-origin Darjeeling tea, an Indian treasure. Spice Chai is blended by Chitose Sashida, owner of Lochan Tea, Japan, after importing black tea into Japan. She always does her best to provide an extremely high-quality tea from Darjeeling.

Chitose uses fresh black tea that is directly imported to Japan from Assam, India. This high-quality blended tea is a base tea made by selecting fragrant leaf teas. She only uses natural spices and tea, no flavors and chemicals. Spice Chai Tea consists of 5 kinds of spices: Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, and Pepper.

In India, there are masala chai stalls throughout the city for street drinks. The sweet, milky, spicy chai is very popular there. However, Spice Chai of Lochan Tea, Japan has been elegantly remade to match the delicate taste. An excellent blend that accentuates the flavor of fragrant exotic spices for pairing with delicate French, British, and Japanese sweets. They produce in small lots and take the time to crush fresh spices just before processing them into tea bags to bring out a clear scent.

Locha Tea, Japan has joined America Food Awards 2021 again and has won a Gold Award for their Spice Chai, awarded by America-Newspaper.com.

Spice Chai of Lochan Tea, Japan has received a Gold Award in America Food Awards 2021, awarded by America Newspaper.

Spice Chai is good to be paired with sweets and foods. You can also boil fresh or dried fruits in a pot and put a teabag in it and you will feel the spicy aroma.

To see more of their teas, click on the link: https://lochanteajapan.com/