Bodega Picos de Cabariezo: Produces Extraordinary Distilled Spirits

Bodega Picos de Cabariezo at America Newspaper

The story of Bodega Picos de Cabariezo started with some “crazy” friends since childhood, who are passionate about their area and its culture. In 2000, they have decided to plant their own vineyards and wanted to know and upgrade the possibilities of the mountainous area in Liebana council, surrounded by the Picos de Europa, whose ancient winemaking tradition had been lost.

They have eventually founded the Compañía Lebaniega de vinos y licores S.L. known by their trademark Picos de Cabariezo. A pioneer winery and distillery set in Cantabria that has managed to contribute to the growth and recovery of the mountain vines, with a unique microclimate and terroir and a personality in the wines that they love.

Bodega Picos de Cabariezo has recently joined America Food Awards 2021 and has received 2 Gold Awards and a Silver Award, awarded by

Gin AS de Picos has received a Gold Award in America Food Awards 2021.

Premium Gin of the highest quality handcrafted with water from Los Picos de Europa and botanicals distilled in the traditional Alquitara. It is fine, enveloping, and very aromatic in the nose, and invites to enjoy it alone, as it has always been done with the pure distillates in these lands, and has a dry mouth, long and elegant, getting an ideal balance for all kinds of combinations and preferences.

Botanicals: juniper, cardamom, ginger, te from the mountain port, lily root, elderflower, lemon from Novales, mandarin, grapefruit, orange, licorice, coriander, Angelica root + three secrets of Picos.

Gin AS de Picos Tropical has received a Gold Award in America Food Awards 2021.

It is exactly the same Premium Gin, with a slight maceration of fruits (lychee, mango, pineapple, and raspberry, among others) that provide sweet touches but keeping that special essence, which is distilled drop by drop in the traditional Alquitara.

It has a very soft pink color and sweet aromas predominate, although the final aftertaste has the particular nuances and personality of the distillate.

Highly pure grape marc of high quality crafted in the traditional Alquitara, obtaining the old traditional schnapps, clean and transparent, very aromatic and fruity with touches of grape raisins in the nose that last. In mouth it is delicate with flavors of grape in liquor, having a pleasant step and warming once it arrives at the stomach, being in addition very digestive, ideal to finish the meals.

According to Javier Blanco, Owner of Bodega Picos de Cabariezo, they are producing Spanish premium spirits with many awards that recognize their quality. Their products are distilled using exclusively Alquitaras instead of alembics. Alquitara is older than alembic and it was used in the past to produce parfum because it keeps the flavors better than the alembic because the condensation takes place in a cup instead of a tube. As a consequence of this, it generates fewer liters and that’s why the wineries stopped using them and decided to change the alembics.

Bodega Picos de Cabariezo has started exporting their products 3 years ago. Currently, they are present in Europe, the USA, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia. Javier and his team are working hard to expand their market and export their distilled spirits to other countries every year.

To know more about Bodega Picos de Cabariezo, you may visit their website by clicking here.