HB Traditional Brewery: Produces The Finest Lager Using Their Natural Fermentation Process

HB Traditional Brewery at America Newspaper

The brewery was built over 50 years ago, as one of many beer factories part of Ceausescu’s plan to make Romania a large beer producer. He invested in the factory doubling the production capacity from 200.000 hl/year to 450.000 hl/year. He wanted to produce a beer that would compete with international brands in quality but could not compete with modern and efficient industry standard: the short-term fermentation method, and eventually closed its doors in 2012.

As quality tends to become popular again, HB Traditional Brewery recognized the potential of the factory and the importance of the local craft beer tradition, and without hesitance rehired the old staff back.

Today, HB Traditional Brewery is one of the largest craft beer production sites in the world because of its natural fermentation process. They produce the finest lager using a two-phase process of bottom fermentation in horizontal tanks.

All it takes is four natural ingredients plus a whole heap of passion, care and experience. Hops are the marquee ingredient behind all our worth and delicious beer. Barley gives beer its colour, malty-sweet flavour, fullness and viscosity. Yeast makes the difference by carrying out the beer fermentation process. And water, to ensure constant quality using their own water source.

HB Traditional Brewery just recently joined America Awards 2020 and won a Gold and a Silver award.

Transylvania After Dark – Extra Aged Craft Beer – 7.2%

Transylvania Amber Delight – Extra Aged Craft Beer – 7.2%

Beers are crafted by their Brewmasters in horizontal tanks for a more distinct flavour and consistency. That’s why no other beer tastes like their lagers.

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