AlkaWonder LLC: One of The World’s Most Alkaline Waters

AlkaWonder at America Newspaper

AlkaWonder is the essence of modern-day healthy living. The company is committed to excellence and strive to become the preferred choice. Their mission is to bring you access to the highest quality premium water whatever your environment and whatever your individual needs.

Deep in the Carpathian Valley, AlkaWonder is extracted from aquifers hundreds of meters deep and bottled at the source in order to preserve its superior taste and special properties. The natural volcanic filtration that AlkaWonder undergoes beneath the surface makes it so pure that nothing needs to be added or taken away.

It is one of the world’s most alkaline waters, with a pH value of 9.4. A large concentration of positive sodium ions in addition to high bicarbonate content makes it highly alkaline. Bicarbonate is a natural compound in the buffer system, which ensures that our blood pH is balanced.

So it’s no wonder why AlkaWonder deserves a Gold award in America Awards 2020 for their Naturally Alkaline Spring Water, awarded by

Naturally Alkaline Spring Water at America Newspaper.

Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

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