Perfero Caffè: A Perfect Italian Espresso

Perfero Caffe at America Newspaper

Perfero Caffè was born from a friendship and pure passion. Two friends waiting for their flight in a café in a small northern European airport, both worked in the world of Italian Espresso. Started chatting about coffee and its art, sharing their vision of the perfect coffee to each other.

Their search for perfect coffee has made it possible to combine their knowledge, their experiences to devote themselves passionately to the choice of precious origins, roasted according to the most ancient tradition and served in the most advanced of blends.

They provide certified coffees from organic farming. Their roasting is certified by one of the most important Italian organic certification bodies.

They have recently joined America Awards 2020 and was awarded Gold for their Velvet Perfero Caffè, awarded by

Velvet Perfero Caffe at America Newspaper.
Velvet Perfero Caffe was awarded Gold in America Awards 2020, awarded by America Newspaper.

Perfero Caffè is in constant search for everything that can give an emotion. This includes the selection of “Gourmet”, “Specialty” and “Cup of Excellence” coffees. Increasing attention is paid to the traceability of our coffee beans. They love to know who dedicates their life to growing the coffee they use.

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