Caffè Roen: Selecting, Mixing, and Roasting Best Raw Coffees In The World

Caffe Roen at America Newspaper

Making espresso coffee is like an art for a few others. It starts from a bean, that smells of a grass and through the heat of the fire and the expert’s hands of the roaster who controls it, it transforms and opens a new unexpected pleasure.

Caffè Roen’s has been roasting coffee with dedication and passion every day since 1979. Selecting, mixing, and roasting the best raw coffees in the world to perfection.

The company was born in Pacengo di Lazise, on the shores of Lake Garda. With his experience in the coffee sector, Sergio Bendinelli decided to have his own roasting business, to produce espresso coffee according to his taste. He used a small roaster which allowed him to develop the first blends and start a small production destined mainly for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

When the company headquarter was moved to Affi, the owner was joined by new collaborators and began opening towards foreign markets. They have increased the quality of selection of raw coffees with the development of new product control and traceability procedures, enhancing sales and production while always maintaining the craftsmanship of the product at every stage of process by accepting new collaborators, conducting educational and popular offer in the coffee field with workshops, courses and guided tastings for both the public and professionals in the sector and participating in international competitions.

Speaking of international competitions, Caffè Roen has just recently joined America Awards 2020 and was awarded by America


ESPRESSO BENDINELLI 100% ARABICA GOURMET has received a Gold award in America Awards 2020.

CAFFE ROEN EXTRA BAR has received a Silver award in America Awards 2020.

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